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Clinically Shown To Restore The Memory & Brain Power
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  • IMPROVE your mental clarity, focus and concentration.
  • ENHANCE your ability to learn and recall information faster.
  • SHARPEN your thinking and mental quickness.
  • BOOST your alertness and mental sharpness.
  • ELEVATE your mood and self-confidence.
  • FEEL less anxious and stressed.
Landmark Clinical Trial

Using the comprehensive FDA style criteria for drug trials, Procera AVH™ brain supplement was shown to help improve memory, attention, mental clarity and mood.

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The average adult brain is in an energy crisis. It's starving for oxygen, depleted of vital nutrients and neuro- transmitters. The result is frequent forgetfulness, fuzzy focus and mental fatigue.

Procera AVH was developed over 20 years by a team of cognitive researchers and neuro- scientists, as a safe and natural brain supplement to boost oxygen and neuro-transmitter levels, and help protect your brain against the ravages of aging, poor diet, stress and environmental toxins.

- Josh Reynolds
Cognitive Clinical Research Scientist, Medically Acclaimed Author, and Co-Founder of Brain Research Labs. He is a Featured Brain Health and Performance Expert on National TV and Radio.

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"Being 60 years old my mind was slowing down. Out of desperation, I tried Procera AVH. After about a week I noticed I had beaten the blues!

My brain was able to find words in a flash, and I just felt like a different person. Now I wake up, jump out of bed in a good mood. It sounds corny but it's a miracle.

Now my memory and self-confidence are back, and my mood is up and steady. It's great!"


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"As a pharmacist I’ve long been asked about drugs and supplements for memory loss. Not until Procera AVH was shown safe and effective in a landmark clinical trial was I willing to recommend anything. Now even I take it. I notice an almost immediate boost in my mental clarity and ability to sustain my focus and concentration. It has also helped me remember important information better, which is very important to my job as a clinical pharmacist.

Best of all, just about everyone I recommend it to loves the way it makes them feel!"


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"I was struggling big time. The stress of divorce while managing 3 kids was overwhelming. My brain was so fried I couldn’t even conduct a conversation.

I’d lose my thought in the middle of a sentence. I couldn’t remember a friend’s name when they came up to me.

Procera AVH gave me back the focus and clarity that I needed to overcome the stress and regain control of my life. Actually, Procera gave me back my life!"

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"Your wonderful brain pill "Procera AVH" has made a huge difference in my life, and especially in my business as a Realtor, which as you know is about as stressful as it gets today! In fact, Procera has really boosted my mental focus and memory and my ability to multi-task (in spite of many distractions) which are the keys to success in almost any job, even relationship! My wife even commented that I’m more present, focused and attentive to her when we have a conversation.

Thanks again for a great product, it’s not only helping me survive these stressful times, it’s actually enabling me to thrive!"

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Clinically shown to help improve Memory, Focus, Concentration, Mental Clarity and Mood? Procera AVH spacerNO
Validated in independent University Clinical Trials and published in peer-reviewed Medical Journal? Procera AVH spacerNO
Improve memory to the levels of those 10-15 years younger? Procera AVH spacerNO
Free Memory and Brain Power tests for proof of results?! Procera AVH spacerNO
Procera AVH™ Brain Information News Headline Procera AVH™ Brain Information News Headline

A World-renowned brain research university has announced the successful testing of a memory pill that helped a group of users enjoy the memory power of people 10-15 years younger!

It's an effective formula developed by US clinical research scientist and medically acclaimed author Joshua Reynolds that took years to perfect.

How Procera PVH™ Works

Step 1. Oxygenate brain cells to revitalize your mind.

Step 2. Protect the brain against free radicals from stress and toxins.

Step 3. Restore diminished neurotransmitters for a sharper brain.

Procera AVH® helps to re-energize your brain and restore its health - so you can be at peak mental performance every day, with less stress and more confidence.

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